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• Wrapped Canvas Over Wood Bars with Wall Hooks
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Papa Sparrow: Hemingway's High Seas Adventure

Dive into the adventurous spirit of the sea with "Papa Sparrow," a striking addition to the 100 Hemingway collection that imagines the iconic Ernest Hemingway as a charismatic pirate, navigating the treacherous yet exhilarating waters of the Caribbean. This 16x24 mixed media masterpiece is a vivid portrayal on canvas, utilizing acrylic paint, the glimmer of diamond dust, and dripping resin to create a dynamic and captivating visual experience.

Inspired by Hemingway's well-documented love for the sea and adventurous tales, "Papa Sparrow" melds the essence of one of literature's greatest minds with the daring and freedom of pirate lore. The artwork’s dripping resin technique adds a fluid, almost tangible sense of movement, evoking the rolling waves and the unpredictable journey across the ocean's expanse.

Presented in a pristine white floater frame, "Papa Sparrow" is not just an art piece but a portal to a story untold, where the lines between history, fiction, and fantasy blur. Each piece in this series comes with a certificate of authenticity, assuring its unique value and the exclusivity of your acquisition.

For lovers of literature, adventure, and the boundless allure of the sea, "Papa Sparrow" offers a unique convergence of all three, inviting viewers to embark on a journey where the spirit of Hemingway meets the legend of the Caribbean pirates. This artwork is a perfect addition to any collection, promising to inspire tales of adventure and dreams of distant shores.

Find "Papa Sparrow" exclusively at 100 Hemingway, where art and imagination sail together into the horizon of creativity.


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The infusion of the image to the aluminum’s coating offers a level of vibrancy and vividness not seen in other print medium. Plus, their protective polymer coating makes them durable, scratch-resistant, and water-resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Giclee prints start out as photographs that I shoot. From there, I edit the photographs digitally, handcrafting the swirly whimsical styles by hand, using a pressure sensitive stylus. After the piece is completed, I print on canvas and hand-stretch over wooden bars.

Yes, our art comes ready to hang. All our canvas prints are gallery-wrapped over wooden bars and include wall hooks, ensuring a hassle-free and convenient hanging experience for you.

A Framed Canvas Floating Frame is an optional upgrade that enhances your canvas print with a sophisticated and timeless touch. Please note that if you choose the "Framed Canvas" option, the price includes both the wrapped canvas print and the frame. The Floating Frame mimics the gallery display style, creating a unique visual effect by allowing the artwork to "float" within the frame. This design not only adds elegance but also provides a three-dimensional presentation. With our Floating Frame option, your artwork receives an elevated and stylish showcase, making it a standout piece in your collection.

All Metal Prints come with an inset frame, which adds dimension to your print positioning it a dramatic 3/4 inch from the wall, with grooves for hanging.

After studying under a master-craftsman, I purchased all of the printing and stretching equipment, to make all of my art by hand here in Key West.

Here is a little snapshot of that process: Click Here to Watch

Because everything is handmade in Key West, we pack up everything securely and process orders within the week.

You will be notified by UPS/FedEx with all tracking information once everything is shipped out.

Yes we do! Transform your cherished photos into captivating art on canvas.  From heartwarming family photos to awe-inspiring landscapes, our custom whimsical art transforms ordinary pictures into extraordinary masterpieces.

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