In a remarkable display of unity and celebration, the vibrant island community of Key West came together to host the largest-ever pop-up parade to honor the legendary musician and local icon, Jimmy Buffett, following his passing. The incredible story behind this unforgettable event is now available in a captivating podcast interview hosted by Mark Baratto, a local artist and podcast creator, and featuring Paul Menta, the mastermind behind the extraordinary parade and owner of Key West First Legal Rum Distillery.

Jimmy Buffett, known for his timeless music and island-inspired lifestyle, held a special place in the hearts of Key West residents. When news of his passing reverberated throughout the island, Paul Menta took it upon himself to organize an awe-inspiring tribute that would make Jimmy proud. In less than 24 hours, Paul and his team orchestrated a pop-up parade that drew over 8,000 enthusiastic participants.

The podcast episode delves into the life and legacy of Jimmy Buffett, recounting cherished memories, his profound impact on the island, and his final Key West concert. Paul Menta shares his personal connection with Jimmy and his deep desire to celebrate the musical legend's life in a manner befitting his spirit.

More details about the annual "It's 5 O'Clock In Key West" Parade are revealed in the episode, with plans for the 2024 event already underway. The procession, inspired by the lively traditions of New Orleans' Second Line, offers Key West residents and visitors an opportunity to sing, dance, and celebrate the music and joy Jimmy Buffett brought into their lives. The parade will make three stops along Duval Street, culminating in an unforgettable concert.

For those who missed this year's extraordinary event or those eager to relive the magic, the 2023 live feed is available here.

As the proud sponsor of this annual event, Key West First Legal Rum invites everyone to join in the celebration, with proceeds benefiting the Bahama Village music program.

For more information about the annual parade and related events, please visit the Facebook page.

About The Backyards of Key West Podcast

The Backyards of Key West Podcast is a Key West-based podcast hosted by Mark Baratto, dedicated to showcasing the diverse and talented individuals who call the island home. Through engaging interviews with local business owners, musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs, the podcast offers listeners a glimpse into the vibrant and creative spirit of Key West.

About Key West First Legal Rum Distillery

Key West First Legal Rum Distillery is a renowned establishment located in the heart of Key West. It is committed to crafting exceptional rums and supporting the local community through various initiatives, including the annual "It's 5 O'Clock In Key West" Parade.

About Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett, a music legend and island icon, is celebrated worldwide for his music and laid-back lifestyle. His connection with Key West has made him a beloved figure among the island's residents and visitors.


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